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Kid Memory Binders from Reluctant Entertainer

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
Kid Memory Binders

Kid Memory Binders

I just came across a fabulous post over at Reluctant Entertainer!

Kid Memory Binders: Organized and Easy!

I was so happy when I read this post, or maybe it’s kind of sad to say that I was happy to hear that other moms are too busy to scrapbook too!

I have had some great intentions of someday creating scrapbooks for my kids. I have the actual scrapbooks, the paper and some other fun little stuff to go in the scrapbooks all stored in an organizing tote under a bed. What I don’t have is the time to sit down and actually do the scrap-booking right now!

I also have stacks of papers, cards, pictures and special items that I have saved with the intention of, someday, getting them into a scrapbook!

This idea, with the binders and page protectors is something I can do! It does not feel too overwhelming to me, and if I want I can start with this year! I don’t have to start at the very beginning when my kids were babies, and what a perfect time to start… Jan 2010!

So, head on over to Reluctant Entertainer and read Sandy’s post:

Kid Memory Binders: Organized and Easy!

She gives some great tips and instructions for putting together a Kid Memory Binder ~ Thanks Sandy!

Tell Your Loved Ones that You are Thankful for Them

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

This year, with Thanksgiving just a few days away, I have found a new appreciation for my friends and family. I (and my family) have been going through a difficult situation with one of my siblings and I have had to reach out and rely on my close friends and family, which is something I have taken for granted when things in my life are going fine.

The whole situation has helped me to “re-discover” how blessed I am to have a God who answers prayer, friends who care and a family that is filled with unconditional love.

So this Thanksgiving I have decided that I am going to tell these wonderful people just how much and what qualities I appreciate about them.

I encourage all of you this Thanksgiving to let those important people in your life know just how much they mean to you.

  • Do something special for them
  • Write them a letter or send a card
  • Take them out to dinner
  • Make a video
  • Use one of my Templates below

I made up some templates so you can tell your friends and families too!

I'm Thankful for You - Whole Page

Click Here to Download the I’m Thankful for You – Whole Page Template


Click Here to Download the I’m Thankful for You – 2 per Page Template


Kid’s Version

Click Here to Download the Kid’s I’m Thankful for You – 2 per Page Template

Please share your ideas for telling your loved ones that you are thankful for them by leaving a comment below!

Printable Christmas Coupons – Kids & Teens Gift Ideas

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Christmas Coupons

If you are looking for inexpensive, creative and clutter-free gift ideas for your kids this year, this is a great one!

These Printable Christmas Coupons are perfect gift ideas for school-aged kids, tweens and teens!

With the Christmas Coupons, you can be very creative and give unique gifts that your kids will appreciate!

Some of the gift ideas for school-aged kids include:

  • Choose a Restaurant
  • Choose a Game Night
  • Choose a Movie Night
  • Date with Dad
  • Dinner with Mom
  • Free Book

Some of the gift ideas for tweens and teens include:

  • Get out of Chores Free
  • Host a Movie Night
  • Host a Game Night
  • Free CD
  • 1 Hour of Dad’s Undivided Attention
  • 1 Hour of Mom’s Undivided Attention
These are Microsoft Word files so you can edit them, you can change or add gift ideas and enter your child’s name on the coupons.

If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer, you can download Open Office for free here.

Christmas Coupons Kids & Teens - Tree

Click Here to Download the Printable Christmas Coupons – Trees Version

You can also download a PDF version of these Christmas Coupons – you will NOT be able to edit these.

Click Here to Download the Printable Christmas Coupons – PDF – Trees Version

Click Here to Download the Printable Christmas Coupons – PDF – Presents Version

Christmas Coupons Kids & Teens- Present

Click Here to Download the Printable Christmas Coupons – Presents Version


Please share your inexpensive, creative and clutter-free gift ideas for your kids!

Get Your Kid’s Winter Gear on eBay Right Now!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

snowman I just got a fantastic deal on a Columbia Vertex jacket & snow pants plus a Gap hat & scarf for my little guy on eBay!

I did not have any luck at garage sales this year finding winter jackets, snow pants or boots for my kids. These are items that I do NOT buy at retail prices, so the next place I look is eBay ( I  love eBay:)!

These winter items are cheap on eBay right now because it is the beginning of the fall/winter season!

I got the full set for my son for $39.50, plus $7.95 for shipping, not bad. In the full swing of the selling season, this set would probably have sold for $60-70 or more. If I remember right, I think I sold my sons set last year for $60 on eBay. (more…)

Chores for Kids

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Free Printable Chores for Kids & Blank Chore Charts

The Age Appropriate Chores for Kids gives you an idea of what chores are appropriate for what age groups and the Blank Chore Charts allow the kids to keep track of what they need to do!

The printable Children’s Chores List includes:

  • Age appropriate chores for kids
  • Age appropriate chores for teens

The Free Chore Chart Downloads include:

  • 8 different blank chore charts for kids
  • One version has a wages column to record any wages earned

Get your FREE Chore Chart Downloads today!


Get Organized with the Free Printable Back to School Calendar

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Click the image to Download & Print the 2009/2010 School Calendar

With the kids back in school now, it’s time for mom to get everyone organized and back into the normal routine of the school year.

A great way to get organized for the new year is to make one central calendar that will have all of your school related events and activities on it.

I would recommend posting the calendar on your fridge, on a central bulletin board or somewhere that the whole family can see and access it.


Printable School Information Template for your Household Planner

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Download the School Information Template for 1 Child
Click the image to Download the School Information Template for 1 Child

Download the School Information Template for 2 Children
Click the image to Download the School Information Template for 2 Children

After the emotional day of sending my baby off to the all day Pre-K at the big school, I knew I had to have a special place in my Household Planner for my kids’ teacher’s contact information. (Just in case I have to check in on my little man:) I also included a section for coaches and other instructors information that we may need throughout the year!

Now all of these important school related phone numbers are on one easy-to-locate page in my Household Planner.


Back to School Comfort for Moms – “Just Playing” Poem by Anita Wadley

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Kids Playing & Learning

I received this poem from my son’s Pre-K teacher and wanted to share it with all you other moms who have little ones heading off to school!

Thanks Miss Laura – you are the best:)

Just Playing

By Anita Wadley

When I’m a building in the block room,
Please don’t say, “I’m just playing”
For, you see, I’m learning as I play
About balance and shapes.


Let your Teens & Tweens create a Back to School Budget

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Click here to download the printable Teen/Tween School Supply Budget

Here is one way to teach your older kids about real life budgeting. If money is tight in your household right now, this will be especially helpful in showing your kids how to create and follow a budget. Sometimes it’s hard for kids to understand that we only have so much money to spend and why they can’t have the most expensive items on the shelf, by doing the shopping themselves they will surely get the idea!

Let your kiddos create their very own back to school budget, they can be in charge of listing their supplies and proposed prices and will have to make any necessary changes to stay within their budget.

Then they can do the actual purchasing, record actual prices and calculate the remaining balance.


Back to School Shopping Shouldn’t Leave You Broke

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

School Supplies I just read a great article entitled “Back to School Shopping Shouldn’t Leave You Broke” at, written by Tawra Kellam from

So true, we should not have to bust the budget or bank just to get the kids back in school! Tawra shares some excellent money saving tips:

  • Wait for the list to come out and stick to it, otherwise you might buy things you don’t need. Remember, the Bank of Mom doesn’t pay for frills. Any extras the kids want will have to be funded from their own cash reserves. I do understand that it is nice for kids to have “hip” back-to-school supplies. I look at yard sales and thrift stores for brand-name finds. For instance, I recently found a gently used Barbie backpack and a Barbie lunch box, and no one would know that I paid $1.00 each instead of the $32 that Becky Johnson’s mom paid. Who says stay at home mom’s don’t make any money? (more…)