Summer Survival

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Busy Mom's Guide to Summer Survival

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Summer Survival includes a variety of charts and checklists designed to help busy moms keep their kids and house in order this summer! These charts allow the kids to be part of the planning process, which will help them to feel more a part of the daily plan. A little organization and planning will make your summer a breeze!

The printable Busy Mom’s Guide to Summer Survival includes:

  • Mom’s Goals – mom can record her goals for the summer
  • Things to Do – the kids can record special activities they would like to do or places they would like to visit this summer
  • Calendar – a dated calendar to record the special and daily activities
  • Daily Schedule – help your kids transition smoothly into summer by creating a daily schedule
  • Healthy Snacks – a long list of healthy snacks for the kiddos to choose from, along with healthy snack request lists
  • Menu Planner – with the help of the kids, create a list of healthy lunch ideas and plan your weekly lunch menu
  • Job List & Weekly Schedule – create a list of weekly household jobs and a weekly schedule of when these job should be done
  • Job Descriptions – job lists for kids, these are detailed checklists of numerous tasks involved in the cleaning of specific rooms (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom), blank charts are also provided so you can create your own customized lists
  • Summer Job Charts – separate charts for the younger kids to record their jobs and for the older kids, a dated calendar with places to record jobs and wages earned
A few of the included pages:

Weekly Summer job Schedule SampleSample Summer Job Schedule Summer Calendar2014 Calendar
Daily Schedule Sample Daily Schedule
Detailed Job DescriptionDetailed Job Description Checklist Job Descriptions with PicturesJob Descriptions with Pictures

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**These are read only PDF files that you print out and fill in.


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Benefits of using the Summer Survival Planner

  • By planning and using a daily and summer schedule, the kids will adjust to summer vacation with ease. Keeping them busy is essential to a smooth flowing day.
  • Creating and following a weekly cleaning/jobs schedule, will ensure that your house stays clean and orderly (well as clean and orderly as a house with kids can be:) Kids of all ages can help with chores so mom is not overwhelmed.
  • Also, the checklists will allow the kids to complete their jobs without mom having to stand over their shoulder! Yeah!
  • You will have these checklists forever! You can save them to your computer and print them out to keep in your housework notebook or your Household Planner.

Common Questions about the Summer Survival Planner

Q. What if I can’t do everything in the Summer Survival Planner?

A. Don’t sweat it! All of the ideas here are to help you have a stress-free and fun summer with your kids. Choose the charts and templates that work for you and don’t worry about the rest!

Q. Can I add my own jobs to the job lists and descriptions?

A. Yes, there are blank spaces on each job description checklist where you can fill in your own jobs. There are also blank versions included so you can customize your own job details.

If you currently own the Busy Mom’s Guide to Summer Survival, please share your thoughts or your favorite feature with us!

4 Responses to “Summer Survival”

  1. WOW, Thank you so much for creating such a great job description list! I can’t wait to use it for my girls. It is so pretty and I know now they won’t mind having these lists to go by as a checklist. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with us as well as everything else on your site. I really like the daily planners too. All of your time and effort you have spent on this is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  2. You are very welcome Laura! So glad you found some useful tools here. I created these checklists mostly for myself, so my kids can use these and they don’t have to keep asking me if they are done yet!

  3. Christina

    Hi there. I bought this last year and am so glad I did. I got my two boys their own cleaning buckets with supplies and had them cleaning bathrooms and their rooms. I have a time chart on the refrigerator so there was no question as to what would fill the day (including fun activities such as play dates and day trips). I only wish I had utilized the meal planning to make my life easier. It definitely takes discipline to follow through with everything but it is worth it!! I highly recommend this!

  4. Thanks Christina! I LOVE the idea of getting the kids their own cleaning buckets!!!

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