Housework Planner

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The Housework Planner includes a variety of household chores checklists designed to help busy moms and women get or keep a handle on the daily chores, weekly chores and seasonal chores. They are an easy reference for you too see what could be done and as you set out to accomplish what you can!

The printable Household Chore Lists include:

  • daily and weekly checklist for house cleaning
  • intense deep cleaning checklist
  • spring cleaning checklist
  • fall cleaning checklist
  • weekly checklist also includes a version that has a menu planner on it so it could be used on the facing page of your weekly planner
  • the weekly laundering plan lets you create a weekly schedule for doing laundry to help you get control of the never-ending dirty clothes!
  • Bonus Weekly Home Maintenance Plan template for you to create a weekly schedule of cleaning tasks, laundry and other household tasks
A few of the included pages:

Weekly Meal & Chore Planner

Household Chores Intense Cleaning List

Home Maintenance Plan

Weekly Meal & Chore Planner

Intense Cleaning Checklist

Bonus* Home Maintenance Plan

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Benefits of using the Household Chores Checklists:

  • The Best List of Household Chores, these checklists are easy to follow and will ensure that you don’t forget those important jobs like washing the light fixtures and cleaning the oven. You will be able to see what needs to be done and check off the completed chores as you go.
  • The weekly checklist for house cleaning will also make it much easier to delegate chores and spread the work around, so the kids can help out and maybe even the hubby!
  • The Weekly Home Maintenance Plan allows you to create a schedule of tasks that you do on certain days of the week which will help you to get a little more control in organizing your time and getting things done.
  • You will have these checklists forever! You can save them to your computer and print them out to keep in your housework notebook or your Household Planner.

Got Kids? Get the FREE Printable Blank Chore Charts & Chore List for Kids Right Now!

Common Questions about the Household Chore List

Q. What if I can’t do everything on the house cleaning list?

A. Don’t sweat it! The household chores checklist is just to give you an idea of what chores could be done, just do what you can and don’t worry about the rest!

Q. Can I add my own chores to the list?

A. Yes, there are a few blank spaces on each household chores checklist where you can fill in your own chores.

Q. What is the difference between the Household Chores Checklists?

A. The weekly chores checklist is just the basic cleaning that could be done in any given week, the Intense Cleaning checklist is a more detailed list of household chores and would be the one I would use if I was getting ready for a party at my home:) The Spring Cleaning Checklist and the Fall Cleaning checklist have seasonal chores to get ready for the upcoming season.

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