5 Free Excel Holiday Budget Worksheets

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Christmas is coming! As much as we try to deny it and push it out of our minds, it is on it’s way… 8 weeks and counting! Ok, I’m sure that some of you are already on the ball and  have started your Holiday Planning.

I’m having a hard time getting into it, but I know I had better get started and the first thing I always like to do is figure out my Christmas Budget.

It’s time to get your Holiday Budget figured out and start planning your Christmas gift spending.

When you have a plan and have an idea of what your expenses are going to be, you are much more likely to stay on track with your spending and stick to your budget.

Hopefully, you have some money set aside for the Holidays or can save it up in the next 2 months so you don’t have to Finance Christmas. I have heard a lot of talk from folks who are going pretty simple and frugal this year (myself included) and if this is you, there are still some expenses to be expected.

I have a little Christmas present for you…

5 Free Excel Christmas Budget Worksheets

These worksheets will help you figure out your budget and keep track of all of your gift spending and even figure out your budget for next year so you can start saving in January of the new year!

There are 5 worksheets that will automatically calculate when you enter your numbers!

  • Christmas Budget – figure out how much money you need for various expense categories this Holiday Season
  • Family Christmas Gift Budget – for the immediate family, keep track of the gift, storage location, budgeted amount and actual spent for each family member
  • Christmas Gift Budget - for extended family & friends, keep track of the gift, storage location, budgeted amount, actual spent for each person and your remaining balance
  • Grandparent’s Christmas Gift Budget – for the kids, grand-kids & great grand-kids, keep track of the gift, storage location, budgeted amount, actual spent for each person and your remaining balance
  • Next Year’s Christmas Budget – calculate your expenses for this year and estimate any additional expenses for next year, get your total and start saving in January for a debt free Holiday in December
Feel free to share this Christmas Budget with your family & friends, or post on your blog or website!




Free Holiday Budget WorksheetsGrab this Code:

Click Here to Download the Free Excel Christmas Budget Worksheets (office 2007 version)

If you have problems downloading this version, you may need an older version.

Click here to download the Free Excel Christmas Budget Worksheets (office 97-2003 Version)

All of the pages are included in one workbook or file, to get to a different page just click the page tabs at the bottom of the sheets.

Be sure to save this file to your computer after you download and open it.

If you do not have Excel on your computer, you can download for FREE, OpenOffice which has a Spreadsheet Program by clicking here.

Here’s what you will find:

Christmas & Holidays Budget

Christmas & Holidays Budget

Family Christmas Gift Budget

Family Christmas Gift Budget

Extended Family & Friends Christmas Gift Budget

Extended Family & Friends Christmas Gift Budget

Grandparents Christmas Gift Budget

Grandparents Christmas Gift Budget

Next Year's Christmas Budget

Next Year's Christmas Budget

Good luck with your Holiday Budgeting this year and I hope this helps you out a little! Be sure to check out The Holiday Planner, it is filled with checklists, charts and templates to help make your Holiday Planning as stress-free and organized as possible!

Please share your thoughts on the Excel Christmas Budget Worksheets by leaving a comment below!

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    Loving your blog, just subscribed! keep up the awesome work.

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  4. Kally

    This is great – I’m sharing this on my blog – of course sharing your page. I sell toys – and I coach people in wellness, holiday stress is a challenge. I appreciate your information.

  5. Dianne

    My kids never did “get it” when I tried explaining how much easier holiday planning was using a budget and some planning guides. So this year, all four of them asked that I make planners for them. I have until their various birthdays to get them done. Each of them will receive a new household planner with hooiday supplements from us this year. It will take some work to get it all to work for each of them, but it will be so worth the effort! You have helped immensely! Thank you!

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