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How to Make a Household Planner

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Making a Household Planner, Home Management Binder, Home Organizer, Household Notebook or whatever you want to call it, is easy!

You first need to decide what you want to include in your planner. The great thing about a household planner is that you can customize it! This is not a “One size fits all” type of thing, every household has different needs. A family with small children will need different pages in their planner than a single woman with no children at home.

Be sure to read What is a Household Planner? to see a list of possible categories.

Household Planner Materials Needed:

Lots of inside pockets - Fantastic!
Lots of inside pockets – Fantastic!
  • 3 Ring Binder – standard size
  • Tabbed Dividers
  • 3 Hole Punch
  • Pocket Folders (optional)
  • Page Protectors (optional)
  • Business Card Holder (optional)
  • Your Printed Household Planner Pages!

Household Planner Supplies
Household Planner Supplies


Get Your Kid’s Winter Gear on eBay Right Now!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

snowman I just got a fantastic deal on a Columbia Vertex jacket & snow pants plus a Gap hat & scarf for my little guy on eBay!

I did not have any luck at garage sales this year finding winter jackets, snow pants or boots for my kids. These are items that I do NOT buy at retail prices, so the next place I look is eBay ( I  love eBay:)!

These winter items are cheap on eBay right now because it is the beginning of the fall/winter season!

I got the full set for my son for $39.50, plus $7.95 for shipping, not bad. In the full swing of the selling season, this set would probably have sold for $60-70 or more. If I remember right, I think I sold my sons set last year for $60 on eBay. (more…)

What is a Household Planner?

Monday, September 21st, 2009

If you haven’t heard about household planners, frequently called household notebooks or home management binders, they are very popular with busy women and moms right now.

It is similar to your daily planner or organizer, but a household planner is so much more.

It is a planner for your entire household, including all of the aspects of everyday life.

The Household Planner found on this website is a printable daily organizer for your entire household that you can download and print in the comfort of your own home.

Build your own customized Household Planner.

Get organized by keeping all of your important household information in one convenient place!

We are so busy these days, that it is near to impossible to keep track of the activities, deadlines, appointments, homework and so on, that are part of our every day routines. When you factor in cooking, cleaning, laundering, grocery shopping, paying bills, working from home or outside of the home, spending time with kids or the hubby…mom’s got a lot on her plate!

A Household Planner is like the busy woman’s personal assistant, it helps her to stay organized and on track. With a household planner, you can organize and keep track of all these aspects of everyday life, in one convenient place.


Busy Women or Mom Planner Giveaway @ Little People Wealth

Friday, September 18th, 2009

You can enter to win a FREE Printable Household Planner, Mom’s or Women’s version! My friend Heidi, was very happy with her planner and is now hosting the Household Planner Giveaway over at her site,

Coupons Freebies Deals Click here to visit her site and find out how you can enter to Win!

Free Printable Budget Worksheet

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Now you can keep track of your spending, know exactly where all of your money is going and create a spending plan for your money with this free Household Budget Worksheet.

About The Free Printable Budget Worksheets

  • It includes all of the important categories like: sources of income, housing expenses, household expenses, personal expenses and debts.
  • Each category is broken down so you can track expenses.
  • It is divided into weekly columns so you can designate where the money for each pay period goes.

Household Budget Worksheet

Download the Free Printable Budget Sheets Now!

Please be patient while the file is downloading:)

You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF files.

Benefits of using the free Household Budget Worksheet


Chores for Kids

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Free Printable Chores for Kids & Blank Chore Charts

The Age Appropriate Chores for Kids gives you an idea of what chores are appropriate for what age groups and the Blank Chore Charts allow the kids to keep track of what they need to do!

The printable Children’s Chores List includes:

  • Age appropriate chores for kids
  • Age appropriate chores for teens

The Free Chore Chart Downloads include:

  • 8 different blank chore charts for kids
  • One version has a wages column to record any wages earned

Get your FREE Chore Chart Downloads today!


Get Organized with the Free Printable Back to School Calendar

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Click the image to Download & Print the 2009/2010 School Calendar

With the kids back in school now, it’s time for mom to get everyone organized and back into the normal routine of the school year.

A great way to get organized for the new year is to make one central calendar that will have all of your school related events and activities on it.

I would recommend posting the calendar on your fridge, on a central bulletin board or somewhere that the whole family can see and access it.


Printable School Information Template for your Household Planner

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Download the School Information Template for 1 Child
Click the image to Download the School Information Template for 1 Child

Download the School Information Template for 2 Children
Click the image to Download the School Information Template for 2 Children

After the emotional day of sending my baby off to the all day Pre-K at the big school, I knew I had to have a special place in my Household Planner for my kids’ teacher’s contact information. (Just in case I have to check in on my little man:) I also included a section for coaches and other instructors information that we may need throughout the year!

Now all of these important school related phone numbers are on one easy-to-locate page in my Household Planner.


Unique Handcrafted Lisa Leonard Jewelery Giveaway at Simple Mom

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Lisa Leonard Mama Necklace

Today I wanted to share a giveaway that is going on over at one of my favorite blogs… Simple Mom. You can enter to win one of three $50 gift certificates to Lisa Leonard Designs, Lisa has some fabulous unique and handcrafted jewelery. (Ok – I also get a second chance to win by sharing this with my readers:)

Lisa Says: Create a custom mommy necklace or a piece with a meaningful phrase or date to wear near your heart. Have a look around, we know you’ll find the perfect thing!

Our handmade jewelry is meaningful, unique and perfect for everyday. Each piece is hand-cut, hammered, antiqued and polished sterling silver.

This Mama Necklace, shown here is one of my favorite pieces, I love it! So you can head on over to Simple Mom and leave a comment over at Simple Mom to win! You have until Friday, Sept 4, 11:59 pm to enter.

7 Fat Loss Strategies For Busy Moms

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Fit Yummy Mummy Workout

(As busy moms or women, we are constantly trying to make every minute a productive minute. We can’t afford to waste any time on strategies that are not going to work or be beneficial. Holly does an excellent job sharing her strategies on using your workout to get you the biggest bang for your buck. ~ Tashia)

By Holly Rigsby, CPT

Would you like to “jump start” your metabolism and lose your ‘mommy belly’ once and for all? If so, the following seven tips are exactly what you need to improve your workouts and ignite your metabolism. Try some or all of these tips, but beware, the result may be a number of admiring second glances and the need to pull your ‘skinny jeans’ out of the closet.

1. The majority of your workouts should be composed of free-weight, bodyweight or cable exercises.