Get Your Kid’s Winter Gear on eBay Right Now!

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snowman I just got a fantastic deal on a Columbia Vertex jacket & snow pants plus a Gap hat & scarf for my little guy on eBay!

I did not have any luck at garage sales this year finding winter jackets, snow pants or boots for my kids. These are items that I do NOT buy at retail prices, so the next place I look is eBay ( I  love eBay:)!

These winter items are cheap on eBay right now because it is the beginning of the fall/winter season!

I got the full set for my son for $39.50, plus $7.95 for shipping, not bad. In the full swing of the selling season, this set would probably have sold for $60-70 or more. If I remember right, I think I sold my sons set last year for $60 on eBay.

I also got a pair of black Columbia snow pants for my daughter for $5.24 plus $4.99 for shipping! I had been looking for these all last year, but they were selling for at least $20 plus shipping.

So, if you are going to need winter coats and other winter gear and don’t want to pay retail prices, be sure to check out eBay!

Here are a few tips for buying or selling your winter items on eBay:

  • Buy Brand Name Items - these have a much higher resale value on eBay. I have bought used Columbia sets on eBay, let my kids wear them for a year and then sold them the next season for the same price or more!
  • Buy items that are in EUC (Excellent Used Condition)  and try to keep them that way!
  • Sell your items in EUC – You will get more money for your stuff if it is in great shape!
  • Group Items Together - sell your winter stuff in sets, ie. jacket & snow pants, you can even throw in the matching hat and mittens to make your set more valuable! The boots should probably be sold separately because foot sizes do vary, but boots are great sellers too! Again, name brand and great condition for the boots too.
  • Buy your winter items in the Early or Late season to get the best prices – meaning right now (Sept/October) or late (Jan/Feb).
  • Sell your items in the winter selling season, late October – December to get the best prices for your stuff!

Take a look…Search Columbia on eBay right Now!

Good luck and let me know if you find any fabulous deals!

Where do you find the best deals for your kid’s winter clothing?

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  1. aileen barth

    What a wonderful idea. I didn’t even think to go to eBay for these essentials. Possibly because I wait until the last minute. THanks for the great idea! I’m going there right now.

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