Chores for Kids

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Free Printable Chores for Kids & Blank Chore Charts

The Age Appropriate Chores for Kids gives you an idea of what chores are appropriate for what age groups and the Blank Chore Charts allow the kids to keep track of what they need to do!

The printable Children’s Chores List includes:

  • Age appropriate chores for kids
  • Age appropriate chores for teens

The Free Chore Chart Downloads include:

  • 8 different blank chore charts for kids
  • One version has a wages column to record any wages earned

Get your FREE Chore Chart Downloads today!

Click here to see the Busy Mom’s Planner!

Click on the images to download the pdf files.

Age Appropriate Kid’s Chores List Age Appropriate Chores for Kids
Please be patient while the files are downloading:)

You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF files.

Little Girls Butterfly

With Wages Girls Butterfly Chore Chart with Wages Column
Without Wages Column Girls Butterfly Chore Chart
Little Boys Trucks

With Wages Boys Trucks Chore Chart with Wages Column
Without Wages Column Boys Trucks Chore Chart
Big Girls Pink

With Wages Girls Pink Chore Chart with Wages Column
Without Wages Column Girls Pink Chore Chart
Big Boys Blue

With Wages Boys Blue Chore Chart with Wages Column
Without Wages Column Boys Blue Chore Chart

Benefits of using the Printable Chore Charts & Kid’s Chores List

  • When kids are helping out around the house by doing daily chores, they are learning responsibility, they are becoming more confident and independent and they feel that they are an important part of the family!
  • If you use an allowance system with your kids, one version of the printable chore charts has a wages column to keep track of any wages earned.
  • You can keep the kid’s chores list in your Household Planner and hang the chore carts up.

Common Questions about the Printable Chores for Kids

Q. Are they supposed to do everything on the chores list?

A. No! The chores list is just to give you an idea of what could be done, just pick and choose a few that work for your child. The youngsters may only be able to do 1 or 2 chores, but teens can probably handle quite a few.

Q. Can I add my own chores to the list?

A. Yes, there are a couple of blank spaces in each age section where you can fill in your own chores.

Q. How do the Printable Chore Charts work?

A. It is a chart with the days of the week at the top and spaces on the sides to list the jobs to do. You can use it as a weekly chart or a monthly chart. When the job is completed, the kids can put a sticker on or write on their chore chart.

Q. What size are the printables?

A. All of the printables are regular paper size, 8.5 X 11 and will fit nicely in a 3 ring binder…A.K.A. The Household Planner:)

Let us know what you think of the Chores for Kids Printables by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Ron J

    If you have an iPad, there is an App that can help with organizing kids and their chores. Also has a checkbook window that gives them some accounting training! iChores

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