Summer Survival #3 ~ Keeping the House in Order

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This always seems to be the biggest challenge for me during summer vacation…keeping the house in order. I don’t even mean it has to be clean, I mean keeping the toys off the floor, keeping the shoes on the shoe shelf, keeping dishes in the kitchen and keeping toys, shoes and dishes out of the bathroom! If you have children, you know what I mean :)

It’s impossible to follow them around all day long getting after them to pick up after themselves, plus that just makes mom extra irritated and stressed!

In order for your house to maintain some order this summer, you have got to have a game plan that you can stick to.

Tips for Keeping your House in order:

I’m sure your kids, like mine, are already accustomed to helping out and doing jobs around the house, but summer vacation is different. There are more kids and a much bigger mess!

Click Here to Download the Free Job List Template.

Click the image to Download the Free Job List Template.

1.   Create a Job List

The kids can help out with the housework, start by creating a list (with the kids) of all the household jobs that need to be done daily, weekly and occasionally.

2.   Create a Weekly Job Schedule

Determine and record which days of the week specific jobs are to be done and keep this posted where everyone can see it.

3.   Assign Jobs

You can either let the kids choose their jobs or you assign age appropriate chores to the kids; these could rotate on a weekly basis or be permanent.

4.   Use Job Description Checklists

Create a checklist for each job. I tend to be very picky about doing good work, so I made up detailed job descriptions for each job. The checklists are easy to follow and a great way for the kids to do a good job without mom standing over their shoulder!

Detailed Job Description Sample

Detailed Job Description Sample

5.   Use Job Charts

Recording their jobs on job or chore charts can help keep them motivated, especially if they are earning wages on specific jobs they do. The little kids love to put stickers on their charts.

On a personal note…I like the idea of the kids earning money for their work.

I don’t pay for all jobs, some things you just have to do because you are part of the family! With the older kids we set a price for a specific job and when they complete that job they need to record it on their chore chart. Payday is Friday:)

This is harder to do with the younger kids, so I just set a specific weekly amount for them (my 6 year old gets $3 a week) and they can put stickers on their charts for their jobs. They are learning how the real world works and they have their own money (to save or spend) which means they don’t ask me for money!

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Summer Survival includes the following templates:

  • Job List (pre-filled and blank)
  • Weekly Summer Job Schedule
  • Detailed Job Description Checklists for the Bathroom, Kitchen/Dining, Living Room, Dishes, Bedroom, Windows & Glass – Also includes a blank template
  • Job Descriptions with Pictures for the Younger Kids – Also includes a blank template
  • Summer Job Charts for Older Kids
  • Summer Job Charts for Younger Kids

Hopefully you can use some of these tips to help you survive the summer!

What do you do to keep your house in order during summer vacation? Please Share:)

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