Summer Survival Quick Tip ~ Color their world with printable coloring pages!

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Princess Aurora Coloring Page

Ok, it’s one of the first few days of summer vacation…

the kids are home, starting to get a little restless and you are scrambling for something to keep them occupied for 15 minutes!

If you don’t find something quick, they are going to start dragging out all of the blankets, pillows and towels they can find to make a fort!

Printable coloring pages to the rescue! I lined them up by the computer (4 kids 3yrs – 6yrs), they each got to choose something they would like to color. Spiderman? No Problem!

Type “spiderman coloring pages” into google search and presto! I know there are lots of great coloring page site out there, but I need spiderman now!


Hannah Montana? No Problem!

Please share your Summer Survival Quick Tips with us!

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