Tell Your Loved Ones that You are Thankful for Them

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This year, with Thanksgiving just a few days away, I have found a new appreciation for my friends and family. I (and my family) have been going through a difficult situation with one of my siblings and I have had to reach out and rely on my close friends and family, which is something I have taken for granted when things in my life are going fine.

The whole situation has helped me to “re-discover” how blessed I am to have a God who answers prayer, friends who care and a family that is filled with unconditional love.

So this Thanksgiving I have decided that I am going to tell these wonderful people just how much and what qualities I appreciate about them.

I encourage all of you this Thanksgiving to let those important people in your life know just how much they mean to you.

  • Do something special for them
  • Write them a letter or send a card
  • Take them out to dinner
  • Make a video
  • Use one of my Templates below

I made up some templates so you can tell your friends and families too!

I'm Thankful for You - Whole Page

Click Here to Download the I’m Thankful for You – Whole Page Template


Click Here to Download the I’m Thankful for You – 2 per Page Template


Kid’s Version

Click Here to Download the Kid’s I’m Thankful for You – 2 per Page Template

Please share your ideas for telling your loved ones that you are thankful for them by leaving a comment below!

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