Garage Sale Secrets Giveaway ~ Ebook, Planner & Pricing Guide

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Take the stress out of planning your garage sale this year!

Garage Sale Season is upon us!

If you have been putting off that sale because of all the stress and hard work that goes with it, you can make it a little easier on yourself this year with the Secrets of Successful Garage Sales – Ebook, Planner & Pricing Guide!

I am going to give away a free copy NEXT Wednesday, July 22, and all you have to do to enter to win is share a garage sale story with us!

You can share how much money you made (I just made $1000), any garage sale nightmares, your best garage sale tips and so on.

Just leave a comment below and the winner will be randomly chosen next Wednesday and will receive the Secrets of Successful Garage Sales – Ebook, Planner & Pricing Guide!

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6 Responses to “Garage Sale Secrets Giveaway ~ Ebook, Planner & Pricing Guide”

  1. Mariah

    I just held my garage sale this weekend, and we didn’t have any big ticket items, I guess you could say; the highest priced item was a water tube you use on the back of a speed boat to go tubing in, and that was sold for around $50.

    Well, most of our items were priced under $5, and we ended up making over $400 in two days! =]

    Our first day would have been better if I realized my dad should not have been gifted with the position of honorary advertiser.

    On the second day of the sale, my cousin and I were driving around on the highway you take to get to my house, and we saw the little teensy-weensy signs my dad put up (you know, the generic “garage sale” signs you can get at Walmart), and we could barely see them.

    We got back home and told my dad that anyone going 60mph down that highway would never see those signs.

    My cousin and I ran off to get the poster board, and put “Yard Sale – 5.5 mi North” and “Yard Sale – Turn Left” in HUGE letters.

    A couple minutes after putting up those signs on the highway, we attracted at least 75 customers to our rural sale in less than 2 hours. :)

    We also found out that concessions don’t go over well at garage sales. If you do concessions, just sell cans of pop for 50 cents, those small bags of chips for $.50, cups of coffee for $.25, and cookies for $.50 each – popcorn and bottles of water don’t sell well, for some reason.

    Freeze pops sell well, but you only make around $.10 per freeze pop sold; little cost in buying them, though.

    We might try selling ice cream or baked goods next time, and see how they sell, though.

    Needless to say, my dad will be running the cash box next time. ;)
    .-= Mariah´s last undefined ..(Enjoy 10 returned posts for 2 weeks) =-.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Mariah! How lucky that you discovered the itty bitty signs in time:)

  3. Shannon

    We are getting ready to have a garage sale-the one we SHOULD’ve had when we moved 3 years ago! We live just outside of town (7 miles) and I’m a little leary of how well it will go…trying to get some neighbors in on it so we can advertise as “the longest garage sale” :)
    Hope to win and get all of the awesome info included in the ebook! Thanks for being such a great resource!
    ~Shannon B.

  4. Mariah

    haha, thank you. :) Yeah, we were wondering why we saw tumbleweeds blowing through our driveway. :/
    .-= Mariah´s last undefined ..(Enjoy 10 returned posts for 2 weeks) =-.

  5. Barb Pinion

    durning our garage sale we had tthree tents up. the wind came up and all at once one of the tents and the stakes came right out of the ground and landed on top of the house roof.then all at once won’t you know we had people came up to look at the stuff we had while we were trying to get the tent down. nobody would help. when i went to get the cash box it was gone. luckly the wind blew it under the bottom flap of the tent. man that was a scare. thought all that money was gone.this happpen this year in may.

  6. Congratulations to Shannon! She is the winner of the Garage Sale Secrets Giveaway! Good luck with your upcoming sale Shannon!!!

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