Tips for Writing an Attention Grabbing Garage Sale Ad

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Advertising your garage sale is a must!

I truly believe that your newspaper ad is not the place to skimp! My last garage sale was a huge event, it was a group sale with 4 of us selling our treasures. Our ad cost $100, but it was definitely worth every penny! I even met a lady from a town 30 miles away at the local gas station before the sale, with my ad in her hand and a car full of friends! We sold about $4500 as a group and my hard earned profits totaled $1400.

Here are a few things to include in your Garage Sale Ad:

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Download the Printable Garage Sale Ad Worksheet

Date and Times – state the day, date and hours of your sale; you may also set a rain date if you wish.

Your address – be sure to include your address, especially if you are in a rural area, this is very helpful to your future customers.
I know that sometimes I will look up an address online if I am not familiar with the area.

Clear Driving Directions – give clear driving directions and if you are in a rural area, you may want to include the distances too (south on Cty Rd G for 2 miles, west on 150th for 3 miles)

Landmarks Close to You – such as: 1 block north of Blockbuster or 1 mile south of Burger King

Name or Names – If you feel comfortable, you can add your last name. We have a sale every year and we have a faithful following of people who come every year, so they watch for it in the paper.

Cash Only – If you do not want to deal with checks, you can state Cash Only in your ad.

Be Descriptive – You want your shoppers to see your ad and come to your sale, so the more information they have, the better. Describe your sale as: Huge Annual Multi-Family Sale, Heated Shed Sale, Huge Moving Sale and so on.

Catchy Headline – Use this line to catch the reader’s attention. Some examples I have seen are: I Cleaned out my Daughter’s Bedrooms, Obsessive Shopper Sale, I Have too Much Stuff Sale, Downsizing for Retirement Sale.

List your Items – I love reading those lists in the ads and if they have boys clothing in size 4T…I am there for sure! If you are selling clothing, be sure to list the gender and sizes and even brand names. Be sure to list any furniture, appliances and large items, outdoor toys, swing sets, popular kid’s toys or collections and baby items like cribs, walkers, car seats and so on.

Add a Teaser – Give them another reason to come to your sale by stating a little perk, like “Free toys on Saturday” or “Clothing 1/2 price on Saturday” or “Everything 1/2 price after 12:00 on Saturday” because at this point, trust me, you just want it gone!

Don’t forget to check the deadline for you ad, you definitely don’t want to miss the cut-off date!

Good luck writing your Garage Sale Ad!

Please share some catchy headlines or attention grabbing ads that you have seen or used:)

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  1. Blake Gegenheimer

    Thank you for these pointers. We will definitely use this on our upcoming garage sale. Hope we will have a blast!

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