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Kid Memory Binders from Reluctant Entertainer

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
Kid Memory Binders

Kid Memory Binders

I just came across a fabulous post over at Reluctant Entertainer!

Kid Memory Binders: Organized and Easy!

I was so happy when I read this post, or maybe it’s kind of sad to say that I was happy to hear that other moms are too busy to scrapbook too!

I have had some great intentions of someday creating scrapbooks for my kids. I have the actual scrapbooks, the paper and some other fun little stuff to go in the scrapbooks all stored in an organizing tote under a bed. What I don’t have is the time to sit down and actually do the scrap-booking right now!

I also have stacks of papers, cards, pictures and special items that I have saved with the intention of, someday, getting them into a scrapbook!

This idea, with the binders and page protectors is something I can do! It does not feel too overwhelming to me, and if I want I can start with this year! I don’t have to start at the very beginning when my kids were babies, and what a perfect time to start… Jan 2010!

So, head on over to Reluctant Entertainer and read Sandy’s post:

Kid Memory Binders: Organized and Easy!

She gives some great tips and instructions for putting together a Kid Memory Binder ~ Thanks Sandy!