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The Holiday Planner This Holiday Planner, Christmas Planner, Christmas Organizer or whatever you want to call it, is filled with lists and charts all designed to make your holiday planning easy and organized.

Enjoy a stress free and organized Holiday Season this year with the Printable Holiday Planner!

Planning Calendar
Christmas Budget
Family Gift Budget
Christmas Countdown Checklist
Party Details
Letter to Santa
Bonus Greeting Template

If you have already Got it Together & Got it Organized then I will be honest and say this Holiday Planner is not for you!

The Holiday Planner is for those of us who need a little help, whether you just want to be more organized or you feel like you can’t possibly take on the Holidays with everything else on your plate. The Christmas season and all of it’s wonderful festivities will be much more enjoyable when we are relaxed, organized and in control.

No More

  • forgetting gifts
  • going way over budget on gifts
  • sending Christmas cards after Christmas
  • shopping on Christmas Eve
  • wrapping gifts at 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve

With The Holiday Planner, you will be able to…

  • follow the 12 or 6 week Christmas Countdown Checklist which spaces out your holiday tasks
  • calculate your Holiday Budget
  • track your gift spending
  • make all your lists and check them twice
  • organize the details of the party you are hosting
  • make one Christmas Card list you can use for years to come
  • help your kids get organized for the Holidays too
  • make your own lists with the Blank Bonus Templates
  • see what’s coming up by using the Holiday Calendar
  • spend more quality time with your family because you are so organized
  • enjoy a stress free holiday season

This Christmas Planner is 41 pages that can be printed out and put in your Household Planner or you can make a separate Holiday Binder. I would recommend making a new Holiday Planner binder especially if you have any prying eyes that can read:)

** You can download the 5 FREE Excel Holiday Budget Worksheets Here!

The Printable Holiday Planner includes:

  • Planning Calendar / September – January
  • Cover & Spine Inserts
  • Christmas Countdown Checklists
  • Various Holiday Planning Pages
  • Holiday Party Details
  • Christmas Card Lists (2 versions)
  • Gift Idea List
  • Kid’s Gift List
  • Letter to Santa Template
  • Gift Exchange List & Template
  • Christmas Budget
  • Gift Budgets for Immediate Family, Extended Family & Friends and for Children/Grandchildren/Great Grandchildren
  • Christmas Budget for Next Year

You will also get the Bonus Holiday Templates

  • Recipe Cards
  • Holiday Greeting or Letter Templates that you can add text to
  • Blank lined Holiday Templates

Buy your Printable 2014 Holiday Planner Now!

Holiday Planner Cover For a stress free and organized Christmas this year… get the Holiday Planner today!

$ 9.95

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This file is in pdf format and the links to download will be delivered by email so you can download, print and save the file to your computer.

Benefits of using the Holiday Planner

  • It will save your sanity this year!
  • You will feel more relaxed and in control when you have taken the time to plan for all of the tasks required to pull off a great Holiday Season!
  • Keep all of your important Holiday and Christmas information (like gift lists, receipts, card list, party menus and new ideas) all together and in one convenient location!

Common Questions about the Printable Christmas/Holiday Organizer

Q. What if I don’t need all of the Holiday lists and charts?

A. Just use what you need! I have provided a variety of Holiday Planning lists, charts and templates because I know that each of us have different planning styles and preferences. Some of you may only need a few lists to “get it together’ and some may need 15!

Q. Do I have to make a separate Holiday Binder?

A. No, you don’t have to make a separate binder. You can add a section to your Household Planner and keep your lists in there. If you have information you don’t want prying eyes to see, you should keep that in a safe place.

Q. What size are the printables?

A. All of the printables are regular paper size, 8.5 X 11 and will fit nicely in a 3 ring binder…A.K.A. The Household Planner:)

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  1. Sonja

    Thank you for producing such a fantastic holiday planner. Now I have no excuses for being so disorganised at Christmas time.

    Highly recommend the Holiday Planner to anyone looking to make their Christmas hassle free.
    Sonja´s last blog post ..Hand-Made Christmas Card

  2. Thank you Sonja!

  3. Deborah Hayes

    What a great idea! I was just looking for this very thing for Holiday Post on my site and I discovered your Holiday Planner. This is just perfect and I am posting a link to your site on my post.
    Thank you!
    Deborah Hayes
    Deborah Hayes´s last blog post ..Life Change – 5 Ways to Get Unstuck and Started

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