Summer Survival #4 ~ Getting it Together & Organized

So now you have the tips and the tools to maintain your sanity this summer and keep your kids and house in order, but what to do with them?

Now it’s time to get it all together and get it organized!

Some of your charts and lists can be kept in your Household Planner or in a folder or binder. Be sure to keep all of your originals in a safe place too, so you can use them again next summer!

Sample Display of Summer Survival Templates

Some of your charts and lists you will want to display in a place where the whole family can see and access them.

As you can see here, I have a narrow space in a hallway where I put up my Summer Survival cork board. I found the cork board for $10 at Menard’s, it was a generous sized 2.5 ft. x 4 ft, I did have to trim it, but it works great!

You can display whatever you want here; you may not need the same charts for your family as I need for mine. You can pick and choose what works best for you!

From top to bottom, here is what I have displayed:

  • Things to Do this summer
  • Older Kid’s Job Chart Calendar
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Weekly Summer Job Schedule
  • Daily Schedule
  • Healthy Snack Request List
  • Detailed Job Descriptions (these are in page protectors so they can be used with dry erase markers and hanging on a tack)
  • Summer 2009 Calendar
  • Little Kid’s Job Charts

Good luck to you all in Surviving Summer Vacation this year!

And again, all of these templates can be found in The Busy Mom’s Guide to Summer Survival!

Please come back and share your stories with us:)

Here are some close up pics:

Showing Things to Do, Healthy Snack List, Older Kid's Job Chart, Weekly Job Schedule & Daily Schedule

Showing Healthy Snack Request List, Detailed Jobs with Pictures, Summer Calendar, Job Charts for Little Kids

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