Summer Survival #2 ~ Keeping the Kids in Order

Click Here to Download the FREE Things To Do This Summer Template

Download the FREE Things To Do This Summer Template

One thing that seems to happen at our house when the school aged kids are home for the summer is that they get bored and restless. They are used to having a structured day at school and then summer vacation comes and they break free from that structure, but they truly don’t know what to do with themselves! The kids still need that structure, maybe not as rigid, but they do need some type of daily and weekly schedule to follow. Keeping them busy is key!

Plus, having a daily and weekly schedule will make things much less stressful for mom! When the kids know job/clean up time is at 1:00 every day, there will be much less complaining from the kids and less nagging from mom. Soon it will just become a habit!

Here are some tips for Keeping the Kids in Order this Summer:

1. Make a Summer Plan

Have the kids offer ideas of things they would like to do, places to visit or other special activities. Getting them involved in the planning process gives them a feeling of ownership and lets them know they are an important part of the group or family. Decide when to do what activities and record them on your summer calendar.

2. Create a Daily Schedule

If you work at home, you should schedule in your work time too. Even if you are cutting back on work this summer, you still need some work or mom time. You can schedule your work time when the kids have their free time or rest time.

Scheduling a special activity each day gives them something to look forward to, such as: art project on Monday, cooking project on Tuesday, Library on Wednesday and so on.

Here is my proposed weekly schedule for this summer.

Here is my proposed weekly schedule for this summer.

3. Create a Lunch Menu

Just like meal planning, creating a weekly or monthly lunch menu will make things easier on mom, plus if you have older kids, they can help with preparing lunch! Have the kids come up with healthy lunch ideas, record all of your ideas on one sheet of paper and plan your lunch menu a week at a time or make a plan for the whole month. I also have a healthy snack list because that always seems to be an issue with my kids, so now they can look at the list and choose a healthy snack.

My Busy Mom’s Guide to Summer Survival includes templates for:

  • Things to do this Summer
  • A Summer Calendar (June-September 09)
  • Daily Schedule
  • Lunch Idea List
  • Menu Planner
  • Healthy Snack List

What do you do to keep the kids from getting bored and restless during summer vacation? Please share:)

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