How to Make a Household Planner

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Making a Household Planner, Home Management Binder, Home Organizer, Household Notebook or whatever you want to call it, is easy!

You first need to decide what you want to include in your planner. The great thing about a household planner is that you can customize it! This is not a “One size fits all” type of thing, every household has different needs. A family with small children will need different pages in their planner than a single woman with no children at home.

Be sure to read What is a Household Planner? to see a list of possible categories.

Household Planner Materials Needed:

Lots of inside pockets - Fantastic!
Lots of inside pockets – Fantastic!
  • 3 Ring Binder – standard size
  • Tabbed Dividers
  • 3 Hole Punch
  • Pocket Folders (optional)
  • Page Protectors (optional)
  • Business Card Holder (optional)
  • Your Printed Household Planner Pages!

Household Planner Supplies
Household Planner Supplies

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1. Print out your Household Planner Pages

3 Hole Punch & Household Planner Pages
3 Hole Punch & Household Planner Pages

You can add as many sections as you want or leave out the sections you don’t need. You can also start simple and just add a few sections at a time. It’s your planner so do whatever works for you!

How to find Printable Planner Pages:

  • You can make your own planner pages
  • Search online for free templates to download – “household printables, household checklists, home planning pages, printable organizer”
  • Visit my Free Household Planner Printables page or my Printable Products Page for pre-made, ready to use Planning Pages including the Household Information Forms, Calendars, Weekly Planning Pages, Phone Directory, Housework Planner, Meal Planner, Financial Planner

Printing Tips:

  • Print your pages back to back to save on paper
  • For a smaller planner (8.5″ x 5.5″ page) you can print 2 pages per sheet, cut and trim your pages and then you will have smaller pages to fit your smaller planner

So, print out those pages and punch holes in them so you can pop them into your binder!

2. Label your Dividers and put them into your Binder

Depending on what sections or categories you are planning to include in your Household Planner, label your divider tabs. You don’t have to use actual divider tabs, you could make your own by putting plain or card-stock paper into a page protector and adding a self-stick tab.  You can decorate your dividers if you wish.

Organize them by putting the sections you will use the most in the font of your binder. This is something the whole family can use, so if you have older kids, be sure to make the information easy for them to find too.

My kids are little, so it’s just me looking at my Household Planner.

My personal dividers are:

  • Household Info
  • Daily Planner
  • Work (I work from home)
  • Housework
  • Meal Planner

I keep my Financial Planner in a separate binder, aka… the Financial Binder:)

I also plan on adding a School section this year, I now have 2 kids in school and am anticipating more activity in this category!

3. Put your Planning Pages into their Proper Section

Kind of self explanatory:)

If you find that you have too much info in one section, don’t be afraid to create another section or to customize it to suit your needs. This has to work for you or you won’t want to use it!

4. Add Optional Accessory Items

These items are not necessary, but can be quite functional and nice to have!

  • Pocket folders are great for catching receipts or notes that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. Definitely keep one in your Financial Planner and in the front of your Household Planner.
  • Page Protectors are fantastic for chore checklists or any checklist that you could re-use, use with dry/wet erase markers. They are also great for those pages that will get plenty of use, like your Phone Directory.
  • Binder Clips will help you quickly find a favorite spot, like your Daily Planner.
  • Business Card Holder Pages are perfect for what? business cards, of course! Contain and keep track of them here.

5. Fill It In

This is not the most fun part, but is absolutely necessary! It won’t work for you unless you actually take the time to enter all of your important information! The best part is that once you fill it in, it’s done! You don’t have to throw this planner away at the end of the year, all you do is replace your calendar and you are set for next year!

Space it out, there is a lot of information to fill in, maybe you can fill out one section per week. I’m sure there are some extremely enthusiastic organizers out there who can get their info transferred in a matter of days, but for the rest of us… do what you can, when you can until you get it done. You will be VERY happy that you did:)

Just imagine… you need the policy number for your home owner’s insurance, “Oh, where did I put that? In that foot high pile of papers over there?”  – “Oh, wait! I recorded it my Household Planner! Yeah!!!” & a mini touchdown dance.

Saving yourself 20 minutes of looking for an important document… Priceless!

Making it Work for You!

The most important aspect about a Household Planner is that it is actually helping you to Get it Together & Get it Organized!

Once you are using it, you should feel that you are more organized and that you are more in control of your time and your days. You may have to adjust some things to get it to “fit just right” for you and your family.

If you have a Household Planner, please tell us about it by leaving a comment below!

Add as many sections as you want or leave out the sections you don’t need

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