Get Organized with the Free Printable Back to School Calendar

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Click the image to Download & Print the 2009/2010 School Calendar

With the kids back in school now, it’s time for mom to get everyone organized and back into the normal routine of the school year.

A great way to get organized for the new year is to make one central calendar that will have all of your school related events and activities on it.

I would recommend posting the calendar on your fridge, on a central bulletin board or somewhere that the whole family can see and access it.

Now, I do have a calendar in my Household Planner which helps me personally to stay organized, but I really think that a separate central family calendar is essential in helping the whole family get and stay organized.

I know some schools send out a calendar at the beginning of the year, so you can use that calendar or you can print out the 2009/2010 School Calendar that I have made.

No matter which calendar you use, the idea is to get everything recorded on the calendar. This will keep you much more organized and more likely to NOT forget about juniors field trip to the zoo that you promised to go to:)

Plan of Action … Creating a Back to School Calendar:

  1. Get a Calendar - use the calendar from school or print out my 2009/2010 School Calendar
  2. Get the Dates – gather all of the dates of school related activities and events for your kids
  3. Get it Recorded – start recording dates on your calendar, one month at a time, start with Sept. and fill in all school related events and activities for the whole year. TIP: You can color code special things such as: No School days will be orange, so color the whole block orange and if you want to get really organized, you could give each child a different color so you will be able to distinguish their activities.
  4. Get it Displayed - put your calendar up in a central location where the whole family will be able to see it and have access to it so they can also record additional events and activities (if they are old enough:) Even if your kids are little, they will like this. My kids are in 1st grade and Pre-K, and they like to be able to see what day it is today, when special days are coming and of course, start the count down to whatever fun day is coming up!

Creating a Back to School Calendar will probably take less than an hour and you will be thanking yourself for the rest of the year!

Please share some of your tips for getting back into the routine of school!

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